PHASE 2 approaches ...”
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R = Real, Bitch!

R = Real, Bitch!

Talk softly, but carry a big steak....”

— Maverick Matthews


Maverick 89

Yea so it's pie, so what...

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Aspen wall poster 2
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The New and The Old.... for now....

The New Studio

The New Studio

The Good Old Days with, "The Powder Rappor!"

The Good Old Days with, "The Powder Rappor!"

Vol. 6 - "Late Night Freight" - Pepper For Your Steak - Maverick Matthews  Podcast

Drugs, Rap, and the use of Technology to make you taller.  That's right, i'm getting myself a pair of stilts for my Halloween costume.  Just thought you might like to know.  And BTW - this episode - seriously dude - it's, um - it's so rad dude!   I missed you all!  It's back: Pepper For Your Steak!

LABOR DAY 2017 BLAST! "The Oldest Job On The Planet" - Pepper For Your Steak  Podcast

Actually unedited, this jumpy banger is courtesy of Passion Orange Guava Juice and Vodka from Amsterdam. Boom.  Slap on some phones, find a book, and prepare to dialate as your pepper falls slow. XO. Happy Labor Day everyone!  MM

Special Alert! Heat Wave SoCal  Podcast

it took me approximately 8 minutes to get this baby on iTunes. This means that as long as I can connect to some kind of grid - I can stream live reports and updates to The Tribe!  This update concerns the Great LA Heatwave of Aug 2017.

  1. Special Alert - Heat Wave SoCal

Vol. 4 - "Motion = Emotion" - Pepper For Your Steak  Podcast

Life's propensity towards dropping "Emotional Bombs" on us at ransom times should be reason enough to fortify ourselves with SOMETHING to help lessen the blows.  What that is exactly, is up to you!  Join Mav in his examination of different methods of dealing with the hardships we all endure.  Incidentally, the title comes from Tony Robbins.  Need next level guidance?  Google him and check him out, along with those like him.  But remember Products are not Answers, and the only thing that truly matters is whether or not you are actually DOIN THE WORK.


Intro - Hector's Happy Hut - "Hector Dance"

Intermission - Randy Newman - "My Life Is Good"

Outro - Maverick Matthews - "X-1"

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Vol. 4 - MUSIC PREVIEW- Pepper For Your Steak  Podcast

For the upcoming release of Vol. 4 I got a little drunk and recorded the modern version of "Dixies Midnite Lounge".   After releasing the "sweet boy" version in Vol. 2, it seemed appropriate to let listeners know what the song sounds like in it's current incarnation.  So here is a little preview.  This is the kind of material that you can expect when we start rolling out the LIVE SHOWS, hopefully before the end of the year.  XOXO!  MAV.