To 'Manifest-O'

They want you to think we have a race problem so you go looking for the racists. They want you to think we have a gun problem so you go looking for the Gun Nuts. They want you to think we have an anti-gay problem so we go looking for the anti-gays. They want you to think we have an anti- 'fill in the blank' problem so you go looking for the "____" and THEY 'fill in the blanks.' But what we have is an Authoritarian Fascist problem - telling you Who and What you should be afraid of and teaching you Who and What you should Hate. Who and What you should hate is THEM: The Imposers, The Controllers, The Recorders of Fake History, The Writers of the False Narrative, the Destroyers of Kindness. Anyone or Any institution that tells you Who or What to hate is the Enemy. If someone tells you Who the Enemy is, they have cards in the game and they want to WIN. THEY cannot be trusted any more than those who know less. You should investigate their motives. You should judge them on their actions and not their words. Make sure your Enemy is not actually the only one standing up against the Evils done by the ones you mislabeled “friend”. No human needs another human to validate his or her existence. Nature has created us One and All to Fulfill a Purpose. Anyone who pretends to be the ambassador of another person is paid or otherwise compensated. Because in the end all we have is our own existence to protect: our families, our tribe and ourselves. Every human is an individual and thereby inherently free. And until their actions cause hurt, pain, or suffering to another individual human they should be left to their own path. NO HUMAN HAS THE RIGHT TO JUDGE or INFRINGE ON ANOTHER IF NO FREEDOM HAS BEEN INFRINGED UPON. Now is the time for Personal and Biological Sovereignty. Your opinions, ideas, or thoughts mean nothing to the collective - whether for or against - only actions will be judged. And only serious action should merit consequence. This is the law of the tribe, which makes allowance for mistakes through growth. This is the LAW OF NATURE. There is no other clarity or explanation necessary. Freedom Is and Freedom Will Be, but Freedom WILL NEVER BE GIVEN TO ANYONE in a world filled with COMPETITION. FREEDOM, as an exponent of Power, MUST BE ASSUMED and TAKEN WITH DIGNITY and WITHOUT COERCION, for it is the Biological Right of All Life On This Earth. ” - Maverick Matthews
Once you've seen the Great Vision, you look at everything else in life twice. ” - Hagbard Celine

Latest Release... PFYS P3 Episode 003 - Interview with Micah Dank

Click Photo to link to Micah Dank!

Click Photo to link to Micah Dank!

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