MINDFIRE with Maverick Matthews

MINDFIRE with Maverick Matthews is a new project from the mind of the Artist and Philosopher who brings you the counter-culture, experimental podcast, "Pepper For Your Steak"! 

MINDFIRE is a wild journey exploring the true life stories from Maverick's past and present, including his decade plus career as a wilderness educator and guide and decade plus career in Hollywood, both in front of and behind the camera.  Each episode also features a strong dose of Downtempo Electronic Music to inspire you to Burn Away The New Dystopia!




Maverick Matthews was born in Hilo, Hawaii on August 9, 1979.  Maverick has trained and worked extensively in the outdoor industry, holding certifications as a dive master, snowboard instructor and in various medical and bushcraft disciplines. He has spent the last decade and a half in and around the entertainment industry, where he continues to work in film, television, and radio.  His podcast “Pepper For Your Steak” has trended in the top 200 podcasts of more than 20 countries around the world.  He produces and releases original compositions in the genres of both acoustic guitar and electronica.  Maverick speaks regularly as a non-academic historian and counter culture expert on podcasts around the world which regularly report view- counts in the hundreds of thousands.

Maverick lives in an off-grid, highly-fortified, treehouse compound in North Idaho known as the FalkenHaus Ranch.

MINDFIRE is a new project combining his love of Story Telling and Electronic Music. He is exceedingly proud and excited to be partnered with FRING.FM!