A bath and a tenderloin steak. Those are the high points of a man's life.”

— Curt Siodmac

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What is Pepper For Your Steak?  

PFYS is a podcast (just like a radio show, old timer) created by public figure Maverick Matthews, to inspire and cultivate certain ideals which he believes serve both all humankind and the individual.  Now that's a pretty broad definition, and that's the way we like it.  

The format of the show follows the narrators journey into himself, where open contemplation of his own stream of consciousness meets entertainment.  Fear not, there will be lots of breaks and sidebars to keep things interesting.  There are so many struggles to consider in this strange and brutal world, and as a species we are quickly evolving to respond to the incredible amount of information available to everyone online.  What do we do with all this information?  How are we to proceed? And perhaps most importantly, how are we to approach life without taking the time to develop our psychological tool-chest, so that we might conquer life's challenges gracefully?  Enter "The Pepper"....

Contrary to what the name suggests, PFYS is is not a show designed to prosphalatize the love of red meat, although it is decidedly pro-hunting and pro-carnivore.  The reconciliation of life's true contract with nature is what this podcast is all about.  It's tough out there, and some of life's truths are VERY uncomfortable, especially the fact that LiFE EATS LIFE.  By its design, this is a closed system.  And although we are developing many ways to stretch our reality, PFYS believes firmly in the first law of thermodynamics.  Which doesn't actually say that 'matter can neither be created nor destroyed', but instead that the total amount of energy in a closed system cannot be created or destroyed (though it can be changed from one form to another).  What the hell does that mean?  It means that in order to live, we must steal energy from somewhere, constantly, forever, period.  YOU MUST TAKE.  And believe it or not, a lot of folks out there are unable to accept this fundamental reality.  They believe that they can construct an existence where they do nothing but give back.  We believe this is, and will always be, a fallacy.  Failing to acknoledge our fundamental energy needs can quickly lead to disrespecting ourselves and others.  It is uncomfortable to be the ultimate apex predator.  But because you must take, PFYS believes that there is a path of respect in all of us which must be discovered. Following this path is sometimes painful and requires much discipline.  It is the path of Grace and Dignity, and it is only shown to those who seek it.

The metaphor behind the name PFYS is meant to suggest an idea: with a little spice comes a more flavorful experience.  These ideas are meant to spice up your life.  So we invite you to have a listen, and if you happen to disagree with a particular concept or poorly articulated spice, feel free to discard it and move on.  But remember, even ideas you disagree with can serve as tick marks on the measuring stick of your perspective.  Take a look around and you will find an appalling number of people moving through this life with measuring sticks containing only a few marks.  Perspective is something which must be constantly cultivated and adjusted.  That means adding, subtracting and moving those metaphorical marks often and intentionally, in order to achieve honest congruence with your life.  Jesus, what kind of pretentious asshole wrote this?

Ok, those are some pretty highfalutin ideas.  And this screed has somehow become scientific in it's own regard.  But be warned - PFYS is above all other things ACOUSTIC ART ENTERTAINMENT meant to STIMULATE THE MIND.  It is not meant to be a bottom line answer to anything, except maybe boredom.   So ultimately, don't take it too seriously.  Or maybe do.  The decision is always, of course, up to you.  However, If you have come looking for hatred, bigotry, or unbalanced application of selfish ideas - we don't want you here!  What we do want, are Tribespeople who seek to understand better the world around them, nurture the spark inside themselves, and allow room for others to do the same.  We believe this is accomplished thought the cultivation of various disciplines, a graceful presence, and an ongoing, rigorous examination or our own principles.  Will we fail at this mission occasionally?  Almost certainly.  But one has to start somewhere....

So put on some headphones (the preferred method of PFYS digestion), get yourself a proper intoxicant maybe, take a break from your current reality, and fall into the acoustic world of PEPPER FOR YOUR STEAK!