A bath and a tenderloin steak. Those are the high points of a man's life.”

— Curt Siodmac

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Let us be honest, won't you?  Things are getting pretty fucking weird out there folks.  Robots in the streets and lying dogs in heat, Jim Morrison and Ray Kurzweil wrestle in the ethos of cultural consciousness, while beneath them the beast awakens.  Soon come the A.I. phone calls from your dead grandmother, offering secret family recipes and asking for a million dollars an hour to spend the day together - Just One Last Time...  So strap on your Cardoid C3 Bullshit-Detector and get ready to head up into the Rough Country, where the mechanical legs and treads still struggle to reach.  Keep low under the canopy for fear of the propellered beasts, which can prick you with a single dart and send you hopefully to the next incarnation..  

High above the desert of the mind, where the last great thinkers were quickly snatched up, we find a cache of psychological weapons and supplies.  Later, fantastic stories are told around campfires, again the only nucleus of remote human creativity.  Gone is the elegant paintbrush, come is the way of the trail. Smear the camouflage on the skin. Sew up the tent flaps.  Rub home-made balm on the aches and pains of endless sore muscles and never-calm temples.  Have the lines been set?  Has the electricity been swept away?  Are the sentries kept happy?  Tomorrow we run from the town of our birth, where all minds are melding into one.  No-one will be ready.  Eventually everything will be turned into a single, straight, unwavering, unblinking band of light.

Or Just, like, listen to the podcast and like, chill, or whatever.  Either way.